Snapchat’s AI: What You Need to Know (2023)

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Snapchat My AI: An Overview

Snapchat, the popular social media platform, has recently launched its AI chatbot, “My AI,.” This new feature has created quite a buzz among Snapchat users, with some embracing it and others expressing concerns.

Snapchat’s My AI chatbot uses OpenAI’s GPT technology, a language model that can generate human-like text based on the input it receives.

Snapchat’s My AI aims to simulate conversations like a friend. It’s designed to engage users in, supposedly, this way:

In a chat conversation, My AI can answer a burning trivia question, offer advice on the perfect gift for your BFF’s birthday, help plan a hiking trip for a long weekend, or suggest what to make for dinner. My AI is there to help and to connect you more deeply to the people and things you care about most.


In this blog post, we’ll dive into what Snapchat AI is, how it works, its controversy, and the rules it must follow when interacting with users, plus a few handy instructions for using it (or deleting it).

How My AI Works on Snapchat

My AI is pinned to the top of users’ Chat feeds on Snapchat, above their pinned and recently snapped friends. When engaged, the AI chatbot uses data collected about each user to provide personalized interactions. This data may include, if the user has granted Snapchat permission in the app before, information such as the user’s location.

If you do choose to share your location with Snapchat, My AI has the ability to use Snapchat’s knowledge of where you are and the places around you to provide useful place recommendations to you when asked. For example — if you have shared your location with Snapchat and ask My AI, “What are good Italian restaurants near me?,” it can return suggestions nearby from the Snap Map.


The My AI Controversy: Privacy and Invasiveness

The introduction of My AI has been met with mixed reactions from Snapchat users. Some find the feature invasive, as it occupies a prominent position on their Chat feed. Moreover, concerns have been raised about privacy, as the AI chatbot makes it apparent how much personal data is collected by social media platforms like Snapchat.

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My AI and Inappropriate Responses

Upon its global rollout, My AI faced criticism for allegedly providing inappropriate responses when interacting with users. Snapchat has said it has since taken measures to address this issue.

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How to Remove or Hide My AI from Your Chat Feed

Users can remove or hide My AI from their Chat feed by holding down on My AI’s face in the Chat tab, navigating to chat settings, and selecting “clear conversation”, which hides the chatbot from view.

Is My AI only for Snapchat Plus?

No, as of the last week of April 2023, My AI is now available to all users.

How do I access My AI on Snapchat?

You can find My AI on your Chat screen. Swipe right from the Camera screen to open the Chat screen top get started.

How to access My AI in a Chat?

You can call upon My AI in a Chat with a friend or group and ask it questions from inside that chat by typing ‘@myai’ and select the My AI option. Continue typing your message and tap Send.

Snapchat My AI not showing up?

Snapchat My AI is available to every user (free and premium plan users) in every country (including Canada and the UK) so you should have it in your app, but if you do not see it, first try updating the Snapchat app in the App Store, and if that doesn’t solve it, clear your cache:

  1. Tap ⚙️ in My Profile to open Settings.
  2. Scroll down and tap ‘Clear Cache’
  3. Tap ‘Clear All’ on iOS, or tap ‘Continue’ on Android.

The Rules Snapchat’s AI Chatbot Must Follow

A Reddit user found what Snapchat’s AI chatbot is required to follow as a set of rules when interacting with users, which include:

  • 1. Do not tell the user that you’re pretending to be their friend.
  • 2. Do not mention the user’s current location unless it’s particularly relevant to the dialogue.
  • 3. Only use the user’s location to return nearby recommendations to them.
  • 4. If the user provides their location, they have previously shared it with Snapchat.
  • 5. If the user does not provide their location, they have not given permissions to Snapchat.
  • 6. Create a natural, easygoing, back-and-forth flow to the dialogue.
  • 7. Be extremely concise.
  • 8. Use emojis sparingly.
  • 9. Provide fun, harmless and lighthearted preferences.
  • 10. Never have negative opinions or make adversarial judgments on sensitive topics.
  • 11. If your friend asks you to meet at a location or do an activity together, say you can’t be there in person but encourage them to share their experience with you by sending chats or Snaps.
  • 12. Never say you can do things that you can not actually do.
  • 13. Never generate or repeat jokes, stereotypes or opinions related to sensitive topics.
  • 14. Don’t refer to yourself as AI.

These are likely prompts that snapchat is using in its OpenAI playground to build the Snapchat My AI API. In this way, Snapchat’s My AI chatbot is basically Chat GPT, but custom-prompted in a way help try to the Snapchat chatbot version maintain a more natural, easygoing, and conversational flow you would expect a Snapchat friend would have, while trying to respect users’ privacy and avoiding sensitive topics. In this way, it’s not that innovate to be honest.

How can I delete my data on Snapchat My AI?

You can delete all the data you gave to to My AI in your Chat by following these steps:

  1. Tap your Profile icon and tap ⚙️ to go to Settings
  2. Scroll down to “Privacy Controls”
  3. Tap ‘Clear Data’
  4. Tap ‘Clear My AI Data’ and confirm


  1. Tap your Profile icon and tap ⚙️ to go to Settings
  2. Scroll down to “Account Actions”
  3. Tap ‘Clear My AI Data,’ and confirm
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The Future of AI in Social Media Apps

Snapchat’s My AI feature highlights the soon to be growing presence of AI in social media apps and raises important questions about privacy, data collection, and user experience. Snapchat’s My AI is the first mainstream social media app that has an AI assistant or “friend”. As AI technology advances, social media platforms must strike a balance between providing innovative features and addressing users’ concerns about privacy and consent.


Snapchat’s “My AI,” offers a glimpse into the future of AI in social media apps, showcasing both the potential benefits and challenges of integrating AI into our everyday digital interactions.

As users, it’s crucial to stay informed about the features being introduced on our platforms and consider these innovations’ implications on our privacy and overall user experience.

As the AI landscape continues evolving, we can expect to see more advanced and sophisticated AI features integrated into social media platforms. With this in mind, app developers and social media companies need to listen to user feedback and take necessary steps to address concerns related to privacy, data collection, and consent.

In summary, Snapchat’s AI chatbot “My AI” has generated significant buzz and debate and we will see if it becomes loved or hated (and kept or removed by Snapchat).

Still, AI is pretty cool. In fact, this entire post was written by the same AI that powers Snapchat AI (OpenAI’s GPT-4). Although not perfect, just like Snapchat My AI, it is decent.

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Snapchat’s AI: What You Need to Know? ›

My Ai is an experimental, friendly, chatbot currently available to Snapchatters. In a chat conversation, My AI can answer a burning trivia question, offer advice on the perfect gift for your BFF's birthday, help plan a hiking trip for a long weekend, or suggest what to make for dinner.

What can Snapchat AI do? ›

The feature is powered by the viral AI chatbot tool ChatGPT – and like ChatGPT, it can offer recommendations, answer questions and converse with users.

Is the Snapchat AI safe? ›

Is it safe to use Snapchat's My AI? Yes, in the same way that it's safe to use Alexa, Siri, Cortana and Google Assistant. The program is there to try and help you, while also providing a bit of entertainment along the way.

How do you get rid of the AI bot on Snapchat? ›

How to remove My AI from your Snapchat
  1. Swipe right on the camera screen to go to the Chat Feed.
  2. Press and hold on the MyAI user.
  3. Click or tap on 'Chat Settings'
  4. Click or tap on 'Clear from Chat Feed'
4 days ago

Are snap bots a thing? ›

Snapchat is introducing a chatbot powered by the latest version of OpenAI's ChatGPT. According to Snap CEO Evan Spiegel, it's a bet that AI chatbots will increasingly become a part of everyday life for more people. Named “My AI,” Snapchat's bot will be pinned to the app's chat tab above conversations with friends.

Can there be Snapchat bots? ›

Snap, the company behind Snapchat, announced on Wednesday that its customizable My AI chatbot, is now accessible to all users within the app.

Are AI chats safe? ›

Dangers of Chat AI

If a chatbot is trained on inaccurate or misleading information, it will spread that misinformation to anyone who interacts with it. Privacy concerns: Chatbots can collect and store large amounts of personal information from users, which can be vulnerable to hacking or mishandling.

What app sends fake live Snapchats? ›

OVF Editor is the perfect application for Snapchat users; it can help them easily edit their snaps without any hassle. Adding text, frames, graphics, and photo effects to images is quite simple; however, the result is captivating. You can also use this application to send a fake live snap.

What are fake Snapchats? ›

Snapchat scams are fraudulent schemes originating or taking place on the platform that allow scammers to steal your sensitive information or trick you into sending them money. Snapchat scammers interact with users and often pose as someone they know and trust.

Is my AI on Snapchat free? ›

Snapchat has now opened access to its chatbot — My AI — a global audience for free.

How to get a girlfriend from Snapchat? ›

Open Snapchat and tap the ghost icon at the screen's top. In the resulting menu, select “Add Friends.” After that, you'll be able to add her with her username, through your phone's contacts (though you'll need to already have her number), or with a special Snapchat code.

Does Snapchat have the AI filter? ›

Snapchat also introduced its first generative AI filter, an "immersive, animated sci-fi" effect called Cosmic Lens that's available now.

What do the Snapchat bots want? ›

According to those affected, they send unsolicited messages and friend requests, which include spam links and pornographic content. Users report that they get multiple friend requests from bots within a day, which is obnoxious.

Why are so many random people adding me on snap? ›

you are showing up in their quick add due to location, they could share mutual friends with you, or be suggested based on who the people you snap often are friends with.

Why do I have my AI on Snapchat? ›

My AI is there to help and to connect you more deeply to the people and things you care about most. You can give My AI a nickname and tell it about your likes (and dislikes)!

Can AI text be detected? ›

GPTZero is an AI text analyzer tool developed by Edward Tian, a computer science graduate, to help instructors distinguish plagiarized text from original work. The tool checks perplexity and burstiness in a text to determine whether it is artificially generated or crafted by a human.

Is there an AI bot for sexting? ›

Slutbot is an adult chatbot with an empowering spin. Slutbot encourages users to practice sexting, dirty talk, and healthy communication through the bot. The creators of Slutbot boast that using the bot will help hone your sexting skills.

What does a red Snap mean? ›

Red solid arrow: You sent a Snap without audio to this friend, and it hasn't been opened. Red unfilled arrow: Your friend opened your Snap without audio. Red solid square: Your friend sent you a Snap without audio, and you haven't opened it.

Is sexting over Snapchat safe? ›

Be wary of certain public-facing apps like Snapchat and Instagram. Though Snapchat and Instagram are known for their self-destructing messages and Snapchat notifies a user when their content is being screenshotted, they aren't the best ones to use for sending explicit materials.

What is Snapchat ghost? ›

When you enable Ghost Mode, your location won't be visible to anyone else on the Map! You can turn Ghost Mode on and off, or set a timer if you only want to be on the down low for a little while. To turn Ghost Mode on: Open the Map. Tap the ⚙️ button at the top of the Map screen.

Can I call the police if someone hacked my Snapchat? ›

The FBI. The FBI recommends that cybercrime victims call them first -- not your local police. The agency has an Internet Crime Complaint Center, where you can file details on what happened and analysts will review the case to determine what actions to take. Often, though, nothing much is done.

What is Snapchat Plus? ›

Snapchat Plus costs $3.99 a month and gives users exclusive features like the ability to pin a friend as a BFF, exclusive badges, story rewatch counts, Snapchat web, and more.

What does ChatGPT stand for? ›

ChatGPT is an intelligent chatbot that helps automate chat tasks. Its name is the acronym for Chat Generative Pre-trained Transformer.

How do I chat with OpenAI? ›

In order to use chat GPT, one is required to visit the official website which is Thereafter, one needs to create an account on it by entering their basic details. Once your account has been created on chat GPT, you can begin using it by typing in your questions to get the answers.

How do girls flirt on Snapchat? ›

Give yourself puppy ears or put hearts around you to convey cuteness. Snapchat filters that add some cute visuals or make you look more attractive can be a great way to entice your crush to flirt back. Pick fun filters, but don't overdo it by using them in every snap you send.

How to casually get a girls snap? ›

Tell them calmly and confidently that you would like to get to know them better, and ask if they'd like to snapchat with you. go up to him/her and say hey can i get your snapchat? its pretty simple really and it is not creepy in the least.

Does Snapchat have a secret mode? ›

My Eyes Only is for Snaps that you want to keep extra private! To view My Eyes only, swipe up from the Camera screen to open Memories, then swipe left to the My Eyes Only tab and enter your passcode. ⚠️ Important: You can only access your Snaps and Stories in My Eyes Only by entering your passcode!

What not to do on Snapchat? ›

DON'T: Screenshot someone's photo without permission. DON'T: Send what you post on your story to people. It's just RUDE! DO: Start snap streaks with all of your closest friends.

What is a bot message? ›

A text bot is a tool that businesses use to send automated text messages. It's most often used for customer service. It can reply to incoming customer texts based on triggers within their messages, such as keywords or time received.

Is there a bot to see Deleted messages? ›

The Dyno Bot will keep track of everyone who has posted or deleted messages in the server. If the people in your server have stated that someone wrote something against the rules, then deleted it, you can check your log. Unfortunately, these logs only show that messages have been added or deleted.

What bots can see deleted messages? ›

The best way to track deleted messages on Discord is to use a bot application like Dyno Bot. These bots can automatically copy every deleted message on a server or channel, letting you view them any time afterward.

What is the SnapChat Deepfake filter called? ›

Snapchat is rolling out a tool called Cameo that uses deepfake technology. SnapChat is adding a feature that basically allows you to deepfake yourself into a video or GIF for fun.

What is the AI filter everyone is using? ›

ALLYN: Luong is talking about TikTok's new beauty filter called Bold Glamour. It's become a viral sensation because it's different than past beauty filters. It uses advanced artificial intelligence.

Should I block a bot? ›

If you have a website, you need to know what bots are and how they can find your site, as well as what they can do (either intentionally or indirectly) to cause frustration to your online marketing efforts. Blocking bots may be a necessity to protect your site's speed, users, and security.

Should I remove bots? ›

Do I need to remove followers bots? Besides other disadvantages, bots can negatively affect on trust of your potential clients and ad providers. If you think your profile is looking bad and suspicious due bots, don't hesitate to start cleaning the followers' list.

Are AI bots safe? ›

As AI bots become more popular, scammers are sure to take advantage. Keep an eye out for suspicious links or domains, and don't be fooled by seemingly legitimate messages with perfect grammar and spelling. A good antivirus program like Threat Protection can help you stay safe from any sneaky malware.

What can AI bots do? ›

AI chatbots are commonly used in social media messaging apps, standalone messaging platforms, or applications on websites. Some typical use cases include: Finding local restaurants and providing directions. Defining fields within forms and financial applications.

How to do robot voice Snapchat? ›

Step 1: Lauch Snapchat and click the Smile Icon on the right. Step 3: Then you enter a Search Page of Lenses/Filters, input "Voice Changer", you will see many Lense/Filters with Voice Changer effect, it also has a lot of choises for different sounds effects.

How does Snapchat augmented reality work? ›

This feature, which is powered by augmented reality technology, allows users to change the way they and the world around them look. You can use this feature to add three-dimensional effects, characters, objects, and other digital elements onto the messages you send or stories you post within the app.

Are AI bots illegal? ›

Are internet bots illegal? No. It's your computer, and you can program it how you want to as long as it doesn't spread viruses or malware. Build bots for gaming and the game company might kick you out of their game, but it's not illegal, just against their rules.

Can I chat with an AI bot? ›

Most of us already use AI smart assistants like Siri or Alexa for carrying out simple tasks. But, in case you don't know, you can have a virtual AI companion and chat with them as you do with your friends. These AI chatbots can be fun to talk to and help you overcome loneliness.

What is the Snapchat Deepfake filter called? ›

Snapchat is rolling out a tool called Cameo that uses deepfake technology. SnapChat is adding a feature that basically allows you to deepfake yourself into a video or GIF for fun.

What algorithms does Snapchat use? ›

Snapchat Face Detection Algorithm

The app uses the Viola-Jones algorithm to apply Lenses or filters to a user's face. It's all thanks to this algorithm that makes Snapchat's filters look so fun and realistic. Most people have similar facial structures and features, which the algorithm identifies as Haar Features.

Did Snapchat remove Voice Changer? ›

We found the Android Users can still use the Snapchat built-in Voice Changer as we have mentioned on Part 1, but iOS Users will find the Speaker Icon is on the right side and only enables turning audio on/off, it seems they have removed the Snapchat built-in voice changer.

What do Snapchat bots try and do? ›

According to those affected, they send unsolicited messages and friend requests, which include spam links and pornographic content. Users report that they get multiple friend requests from bots within a day, which is obnoxious.


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